Good morning

Wow: this is my first post on my first blog! I’m feeling very intimidated at the moment but I hope to get through the nerves by keeping the topic very simple this time round. Let’s talk about breakfast. The so-called ‘most important meal of the day’, in reality, is often the most under-appreciated. I’m not talking about fancy Hollandaise-drenched weekend brunches that take the rest of the day just to digest or sumptuous hotel buffets you feel strangely obligated to partake in when you’re on holiday (although these are always welcome to indulge in too!) I mean your every day, go-to brekkie. Your brekkie buddy. When I used to work at a foodie magazine in Sydney, I was one of the many bleary-eyed office workers queuing for a freshly toasted ‘avocado on rye’ to devour at my desk. A topping of sweet tomato slivers was optional. Plenty of salt and pepper was essential. And so was a good, strong, smooth cup of coffee on the side. For me, that was a good start to the working day. What is yours?


Typewriter photo courtesy of Smith
Cereal photo courtesy of Rostek

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